It's Been A While

Ever since I moved from my apartment...into a home that is not my own...I have not been motivated to write. There is so much that I could have blogged about since the last time that we spoke. But, alas, I had not the heart to write.

My creative writing teacher, Peter Christopher from GSU once said that we should write everyday. It is an excellent exercise, and you never know what may come of it. Just spill out your thoughts for 5 minutes straight on paper. That's right: paper. Not a tablet, not your laptop or smart phone. Loose leaf lined paper at that. Maybe it was 10 minutes. No matter, we would do this exercise to Mozart. I prefer the rock and roll genre, but it did work. 

That is what I am doing right now: spilling my thoughts, not on paper of course, but just typing my thoughts. It feels good to finally blog once more. I might have some eye candy for you to gaze at. Maybe. But for now, I am just diving back into this expansive sea. 

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