Tribal And The Bow

I decided to try out the tribal theme on some hair bows. I am starting to build up an inventory of bows. What is a girl to do with all of these bows!

What do you wear your bows with?

Tribal Print Shoe Love

I was not too keep on the "tribal, native print trend to be honest with you. BUT- then I saw these platform wedges and had to have them! I guess the trend did get a piece of me, huh? Are there any trends that you fell prey to before?

Vintage Style Hair Snood

Ah, hair snoods. The name "snood" is such a funny word. After purchasing this cool vintage hair style book, I have wanted a sexy pin-up style hair style. Check out this lovely mint snood that I found!

Mint green snood at Arthelias Attic

Chevron And Neon

Neon is all the rage. I thought that I would have my way with this trend and incorporate it into my line.

Like Sugar Cookies

Whew! That job has become my ball and chain. I have missed everyone and blogging! I promise that I will have my blog back and running.

I have been making new product for two shops while trying to hold down a job.

I sketched these cookies years ago, and finally created one version of them! The other version will made hand embroidered and made with wool felt. 

Ready for your enjoyment