Mori Girl Neutral Hair Bows

I'm back, and ready for action! I have just baked these 5 new neutral bows. The prints range from eggshell to rich chocolate. They have fun names like Desert Rose, Champagne and Chocolate, Crackled and Shattered. 

I drew inspiration from building from the Art Deco art period.

"Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. ."-Forrest Gump

Now available in my shop ^_^. P.S. did I mention that I was also inspired by Mori girls? Mori means 'forest' in Japanese. It is a subculture in Japan. The girls dress in prints, earth and jewel tones like hunter green, blues, deep red, browns. The wear more natural fabrics, and look like they live in the forest, very ethereal and organic shapes. They also wear fur, faux fur vests and prints (animals, small floral, folk).