ICE Pop-Up Shop 2011


I'm super excited! Two weeks ago, i attempted to get my work out there on a wholesale gift level. After a week of no response, I contacted that company again, only to get politely turned down. It was a company that sought out handmade goods, but they said that they were too full for my goods. I wonder if they had responded the week that I contacted them, would it have been too full then?

Oh well, so I was a bit disappointed from that. Then my best blogger and crafty buddy Pattie at Structured Chaos contacted me about the ICE Indie Craft Experience Show. They were doing a pop-up shop inside Criminal Records for your holiday shopping experience! From December 1-24th folks! Perfect for those who are a bit last minute. They were  calling all artists, and had an application set up. The deadline was tight, so I filled it out as soon as I got home last Friday. I thought to myself, "I wonder if i will get rejected again?" 

On Sunday evening, I received an e-mail to my Blackberry. It was from them. I hate opening e-mails sometimes, in fear that it's bad news. I opened only to see that...I HAD BEEN ACCEPTED!!!!! And they wanted certain items. I know that this is Fashion Month at my blog, but I have an extremely tight deadline to get all of this ready! For more details about the event, check it out here. ^_^


  1. No worries we will be here waiting to see what you have made!
    I'm so happy for you, your work is awesome and it deserves to be showcased :D

    They were supposed to keep accepting for two weeks but they stopped after four days so I'm even more excited that you got in. They only accepted about fifty shops out of apparently thousands of applicants, CRAZY!

    So go make make make!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, thousands applied!!!! Insanity! I truly thank you for telling me about it, seriously, If you didn't I would not have known about it or applied. Even in the application, i said that a friend of mine told me about it, lol. Thanks for the support ^_^! I'm nervous about how much to make, and if I can do this, but I shall!