Apropos Roasters Chocolate Spiced Chai Review

 I love shopping online for unique items. I know that some are hesitant to try food online, especially from those who sell handmade products. I actually trust hand made food and beverage sellers because the ones that I go to I investigate. I use the same methods as i would any e-shop, even major retailers. 

I had a hot beverage craving, as it is getting cold out. I found this wonderful shop called Apropos Roasters. They sell coffee subscriptions, gourmet hot chocolate, flavored sugars, and more. 


Here are my results of the drink:

The taste was better than any instant chai I have ever tasted! There were rich notes of the blend of dairy, spicy pink peppercorns, and a mellow taste of cinnamon. The chocolate was the flavor that tied the others together, and rolled on my taste buds like silk. It was not overpowering, it was more like a siren beckoning me to drink and then....POW IN YOU FACE SPICE ATTACK!

P.S. Fashion Month is cancelled...due to many reasons out of my control...like projects and work.

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