Apropos Roasters Chocolate Spiced Chai Review

 I love shopping online for unique items. I know that some are hesitant to try food online, especially from those who sell handmade products. I actually trust hand made food and beverage sellers because the ones that I go to I investigate. I use the same methods as i would any e-shop, even major retailers. 

I had a hot beverage craving, as it is getting cold out. I found this wonderful shop called Apropos Roasters. They sell coffee subscriptions, gourmet hot chocolate, flavored sugars, and more. 


Here are my results of the drink:

The taste was better than any instant chai I have ever tasted! There were rich notes of the blend of dairy, spicy pink peppercorns, and a mellow taste of cinnamon. The chocolate was the flavor that tied the others together, and rolled on my taste buds like silk. It was not overpowering, it was more like a siren beckoning me to drink and then....POW IN YOU FACE SPICE ATTACK!

P.S. Fashion Month is cancelled...due to many reasons out of my control...like projects and work.

Indie Craft Experience and More

These past few weeks have been quite busy! I completed the project finally, and now i'm just hoping that everything, or most, of my goods will sell and find a good home. Sorry i don't have any photos to show you...I rushed and forgot. 

In other news, I did not forget that this was supposed to be fashion month. Usually, when I get tied up in a project, I forgo everything thing else, including sleep, to get the job done. Now that things are close to normal...still have to finish stocking up my shop, we can continue for the rest of the month of inspiration.

Fashion Month: Random Retro Inspiration

Finally I am posting something about fashion, lol! Usually, I am inspired and I organize it. But this time, it was quite random. I am feeling these scans.

Cute denim peg-leg rolled cuff
pant with front pleats! I love plaid

Airy, breezy chiffon. Hmm I might
have some solid pink chiffon around.

Everyone that reads this blog knows my
obsession with the fashion of the 50s.
Stay tuned for what I will make and draw from this inspiration. 

So it's officially Fashion Month on my blog. So my project of the week will be inspired by chili peppers. I made a mood board on Pinterest. You can check it out here. I have a few pics below to share. By the end of this week, I will have it completed!!! Well, I work Friday, so hopefully I will be able to finish.

Source: babyssb.co.jp via Aja on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Aja on Pinterest

ICE Pop-Up Shop 2011


I'm super excited! Two weeks ago, i attempted to get my work out there on a wholesale gift level. After a week of no response, I contacted that company again, only to get politely turned down. It was a company that sought out handmade goods, but they said that they were too full for my goods. I wonder if they had responded the week that I contacted them, would it have been too full then?

Oh well, so I was a bit disappointed from that. Then my best blogger and crafty buddy Pattie at Structured Chaos contacted me about the ICE Indie Craft Experience Show. They were doing a pop-up shop inside Criminal Records for your holiday shopping experience! From December 1-24th folks! Perfect for those who are a bit last minute. They were  calling all artists, and had an application set up. The deadline was tight, so I filled it out as soon as I got home last Friday. I thought to myself, "I wonder if i will get rejected again?" 

On Sunday evening, I received an e-mail to my Blackberry. It was from them. I hate opening e-mails sometimes, in fear that it's bad news. I opened only to see that...I HAD BEEN ACCEPTED!!!!! And they wanted certain items. I know that this is Fashion Month at my blog, but I have an extremely tight deadline to get all of this ready! For more details about the event, check it out here. ^_^