The Four Señoritas

Once upon a time there were four señoritas. 

Their names were (top left to bottom right) : Marta, Reyna, Juanita, and Alicia. The four of them are sisters, and each one is different from the other.

Marta, whose name means "lady', is the fun spunky one. She loves to pick flowers by the edge of the lake that is on the outskirts of their village. She is also the prankster of the family.

Reyna's name means "queen", and appropriately she behaved as if she were the queen out of the sisters. She was the eldest one, (only by 3 years), and her hobbies included dominating her younger siblings, eating sugared berries from the forest, and brushing her beautiful hair into large buns.

Juanita, "God is gracious", is the quiet one out of the troupe. She enjoyed laying in the hilly tall grass by their home and enjoying watching a family a rabbits frolic about doing their daily activities. 

Alicia, whose name means "noble sort", likes to read and write. Out of all of her sisters, she is viewed by her parents as the sensible one. She helps out the elderly in the village with their groceries and chores. She reads to the children of the village, and donates her time and allowance money to charitable organizations.

The four sisters parent's left town often to conduct business in neighboring villages and towns. As usual, they left Reyna in charge of the girls. 

Day 3:

The girls were growing tired of Reyna, always making them do all of the chores, running the errands, brushing her midnight black, silky calf length hair. So, they started to plot their escape for freedom.

"We should tie her up, lock her in the cellar, and go outside and play," said Marta with her eyes wide.

"No, that's cruel. We should just give her some sleeping herb, and play in the forest," Juanita said while playing with a ladybug crawling on her hand.

They both looked intently at Alicia. She simply shook her head, sighed and said, "Let us stay at home. Mama and papa will be back tomorrow morn. We can give her some warm milk and berries early, and she will go to sleep. Then we can enjoy the rest of the day near the home. But we should not stray too far."

Marta and Juanita looked at each other and said, "We prefer our idea better." With that, they swiftly walked away and locked Alicia in their bedroom.

While Reyna was eating her favorite snack, sugared berries, Marta crushed the sleeping herb into a glass of warm milk. They proceeded to bring it out to Reyna, who was sitting in the dinning room. 

"What do you two want!," she snapped at them.

Marta spoke first, "We just wanted to give you some milk to go with your fruit dear sister."

"Yeah," said Juanita nervously.

Reyna narrowed her eyes at them and snatched the milk out of Marta's extended hand and drank it greedily. Within seconds, the glass dropped from her hand, and her body flopped like a dead maple leaf falling off of a tree.

To be continued...

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