Bold and Beautiful

Bold jewel tones are powerful, and perfect for fall neutrals. Here is my gift guide based off of jewel tone colors, and bold colors in general.

November Plans

I'm working this new job now, and it is NOT easy. Instead of quitting my day job, I needed to get one, lol! The starving artist look is not sexy.

At any rate, i'm trying to balance life, work, and my dream all at the same time. I've been a bit bored lately, and had so much fun doing Vintage Month that i decided to do another themed month! 

November will be: Fashion Month! Doesn't sound too cool? There are many fashion blogs you say? That might be true, but next month will focus on fashion- not the snobby fashion that you're used to. But it will be filled with inspiration, fun,  and I don't even have to go shopping. Curious? I hope you all are. Stay tuned for my version of Fashion Month ^_^

Rockin' Out Dolls

I am finally ready to sell them in the shop. I am so excited to release them into the wild! I'm not much for words today, so enjoy the pics!

I've Got the Blues

I realize that not everyone likes the color red. I honestly planned on making more than red bows for the shop. Really, I promise. Actually, I set up the color ways in advance for the entire starter collection. 

I was inspired by the ocean and the beach in general for this line. Fall is here in the states, and people that live in warmer states are trying to get their last minute beach time in before it's gone.

Japanese Fashion: The Runaways Rock

Sweatshop of Bows

I have been busy lately working on a new fresh product for my shop. It is a spin on the basic hair bow. They are quilted hair bows that will hold their shape, and add texture. Quilting is not just for grannies. One of my ambitions is to make quilting cool for everyone in varying age groups. 

I digress, here is a peek of my studio, a.k.a my parents' really posh basement that it more like an apartment. My work station isn't how I would like it to be, but hey it's better than nothing!

Here is one available in my shop:

Did I mention that they are only $6 to $7? This is the introductory rate, so get them while you can! Also, each print has a limited amount, so you can actually have a one of a kind item.

Autumn Foods Lust

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but i'm a foodie. I love to cook, bake, and eat. Here are some yummy food finds that remind me of autumn or fall.
Bacon Sea Salt Caramels by Fusion Sweets
Chocolate Filled Toadstools by Andie Specialty Sweets
Chocolate Truffles by Nicole Lee Chocolates

Apple Butter by Bee Kind Family Farm
French Macarons by Bokolette
Flavored Honey by Pixxxie Pie & Posie
Pumpkin and Cream cheese lollipops by Vintage Confections

The Girl Who Cried Onions!

3 days. This is going on day three of me having onion hands from grating onions for my potato latkes. They came out yummy and authentic, but my hands were sacrificed as a result. Then to top it off, I had to chop onions for smothered pork chops, and for the turnip greens. Does anyone know the pain of having onion hands? 

Onion photo by Eyes Shutter To Forget

I tried vinegar, a stainless steel knife, lemon juice-nothing has worked. If you have any ideas, please post them here ^_^

Wool felt onion by Eva Lauryn Gifts

Nevermore Cried The Raven

I almost never type in black on my blog-it's quite boring. It's dark out today, so i'm going to share my treasury of inspiration. Behold: a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe! I enjoy reading his book of poetry in the fall with a nice warm cup of hot cider with a cinnamon stick.

See the treasury

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that that pin that I promised is available in my shop here. They are only $8.00, and all of the proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the cure.

The Four Señoritas

Once upon a time there were four señoritas. 

Their names were (top left to bottom right) : Marta, Reyna, Juanita, and Alicia. The four of them are sisters, and each one is different from the other.

Marta, whose name means "lady', is the fun spunky one. She loves to pick flowers by the edge of the lake that is on the outskirts of their village. She is also the prankster of the family.

Reyna's name means "queen", and appropriately she behaved as if she were the queen out of the sisters. She was the eldest one, (only by 3 years), and her hobbies included dominating her younger siblings, eating sugared berries from the forest, and brushing her beautiful hair into large buns.

Juanita, "God is gracious", is the quiet one out of the troupe. She enjoyed laying in the hilly tall grass by their home and enjoying watching a family a rabbits frolic about doing their daily activities. 

Alicia, whose name means "noble sort", likes to read and write. Out of all of her sisters, she is viewed by her parents as the sensible one. She helps out the elderly in the village with their groceries and chores. She reads to the children of the village, and donates her time and allowance money to charitable organizations.

The four sisters parent's left town often to conduct business in neighboring villages and towns. As usual, they left Reyna in charge of the girls. 

Day 3:

The girls were growing tired of Reyna, always making them do all of the chores, running the errands, brushing her midnight black, silky calf length hair. So, they started to plot their escape for freedom.

"We should tie her up, lock her in the cellar, and go outside and play," said Marta with her eyes wide.

"No, that's cruel. We should just give her some sleeping herb, and play in the forest," Juanita said while playing with a ladybug crawling on her hand.

They both looked intently at Alicia. She simply shook her head, sighed and said, "Let us stay at home. Mama and papa will be back tomorrow morn. We can give her some warm milk and berries early, and she will go to sleep. Then we can enjoy the rest of the day near the home. But we should not stray too far."

Marta and Juanita looked at each other and said, "We prefer our idea better." With that, they swiftly walked away and locked Alicia in their bedroom.

While Reyna was eating her favorite snack, sugared berries, Marta crushed the sleeping herb into a glass of warm milk. They proceeded to bring it out to Reyna, who was sitting in the dinning room. 

"What do you two want!," she snapped at them.

Marta spoke first, "We just wanted to give you some milk to go with your fruit dear sister."

"Yeah," said Juanita nervously.

Reyna narrowed her eyes at them and snatched the milk out of Marta's extended hand and drank it greedily. Within seconds, the glass dropped from her hand, and her body flopped like a dead maple leaf falling off of a tree.

To be continued...

These pins are available in the shop, check them out!