I've Been Featured in a Magazine!

Today I looked on the black granite kitchen counter and spotted what appeared to be a magazine and a letter. I collected my mail, looked at the magazine covered up inconspicuously with a white sheet of paper with Royal Mail in the upper right hand corner.

I opened it up hoping it was what I thought that it was: Sew Hip magazine with my project in it! There was my project on the front cover on a lovely model!!!! This was the big project that i was referring to when I stopped blogging for 2 months. This magazine can be purchased in the states at Borders and Barnes and Noble, but it varies per location.

I made this design on my own after painstakingly searching for the right cardigan, then the right combination of wool felt sheets. This was such a fun project, I can't wait to share other things that i'm working on in the future!


  1. Cute and inspiring project! Congratulations on your magazine feature—that's so awesome!

  2. Wow! I am impressed! THe article is soooo nice! This is all so very awesome! And you're featured on the front page! WOW

  3. Thanks very much ladies! It was such an exciting project