Donate For The Cure

I did a post a a while back about Nadia here. She is finally available for sale in my shop. As promised, 25% of the sales will go towards Susan G. Komen for the cure. I am also adding a pin. It is made from imported high quality wool felt. It will be up for sale in the shop tomorrow. 

I've Been Featured in a Magazine!

Today I looked on the black granite kitchen counter and spotted what appeared to be a magazine and a letter. I collected my mail, looked at the magazine covered up inconspicuously with a white sheet of paper with Royal Mail in the upper right hand corner.

I opened it up hoping it was what I thought that it was: Sew Hip magazine with my project in it! There was my project on the front cover on a lovely model!!!! This was the big project that i was referring to when I stopped blogging for 2 months. This magazine can be purchased in the states at Borders and Barnes and Noble, but it varies per location.

I made this design on my own after painstakingly searching for the right cardigan, then the right combination of wool felt sheets. This was such a fun project, I can't wait to share other things that i'm working on in the future!

A Zombie Production

The second episode of the Zom-Zom saga is up! Those zombie bunnies are at again, terrorizing the innocent world of...well, you will have to find out by watching it ^_^! Like the bloody red words? 

Denim Is A Girl's Best Friend

No matter what time of year it is, denim is here to stay. It's so versatile, and comfortable! I wish I had more denim in my wardrobe. Sigh, i'm always too busy to sew for myself.

Gangs Of New York

The Gangs of New York movie might be an older film, but I still enjoyed it. And the soundtrack is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The costumes are dazzling, gritty, on point, and dramatic. 

I was listening to The Gangs of New York by U2. Thus inspiration was born for this treasury.

View it here

Food! Glorious Food!

I love food! I'm a foodie that loves to cook and bake. I'm late on finding out cool websites. This site called Food Porn Daily, and they have stunning photos...of food of course! I have just been food photo hopping, and added a few of my own as well.

Hot cross bun by Adventuress Heart
Hot cross bun, a photo by Adventuress Heart on Flickr.
Shrimp and grits etouffee sauce by mienkintosh fairie

Summer corn soup with poblano-cilantro sauce
Summer Corn Soup with Poblano-Cilantro Sauce by the dabble.
Cherry photo by laperla2009 on Flickr

Dinner And A Movie

I'm super excited today/tonight...whichever! My good friend at Structured Chaos was the videographer and made it for me. I was the director and voice actors, with some help from 2 great friends to pull this off. Just like all things in my shop, it all started with a sketch and this time a one-liner from my husband : "Whaaat?" I love feedback, please tell me what you think ^_^ 

Oh, I did promise dinner instead of shameless promotion. I made Adobo Chicken, steamed broccoli, and Japanese short grain rice for dinner and it was AWESOME! I got the recipe from Giada at Home on the Food network.

My Obsession

I have a slight obsession with cutesy things. It's funny because my fashion sense does not relfect this. Most of my clothes are dark colors. Over the years, a few "colors" have made their way into my wardrobe. Honestly, I used to wish the I could get away with wearing a late 17th century dress, powdered wig and all in public. Hey, I guess I could always throw a ball!

I have found my inspiration for my new pins that i'm releasing this week, (hopefully). They are sweets inspired, and cutesy. Check out the rest of the line at MILK.




Felt Food: Fruit Cake

I have been having a bit of designer's block lately. Well, not really, I just have not been able to get started on those new bags! Especially since I can't find, or ran out out my heavy duty interfacing for the next batch of bags :-(. I know that I need to purchase more, but that's a whole different story...

So I have been procrastinating on finishing this fun project. I wanted something fun to teach me a bit about making felt food, so I purchased this awesome kit by Ruko in NY. She is like the felt celebrity princess in Japan. 

Did I mention that it's a box as well? 

Inspiration: Green with Life- Not Envy!

Why does the color green get such a bad rap? Green in the gills. Green with envy. If you're inexperienced, you're "green". Green and greed goes together, as well as the love of green i.e. money.

That tears it! Green is spring, it represents life. It represents change, such as going green. 

The Mermaid dress by Lady Ta
Crochet turtle pattern by bvoe668
Green Gardener's soap by The Soap Garden

Clay plant cell sculpture project by my little sister

Octopus Hair Accessories and More

Back when I was in high school, I used to sew intricate designs on tee shirts using sequins. I made a Batz Maru design, and a peacock one based off of an antique hair comb. I will have to share photos with you in the future ;).

Those lovely hair accessories that I posted a while back are now available in my shop! I had a photo shoot today with the samples. As a customer, I would like to know how large an object is, so that i may be able to get a visual of how it would look on me.

The Big Sale Saves the Day!

I'm so happy to announce that on Monday of this week, I made not only my first sale in my etsy shop, but my first big sale on Etsy! I was so happy that I broke down in tears.

Why was I that happy? Well, hard times befall us all at one point or another in our lives. And though this is not meant to be that type of blog where I tell you a bunch about my life, I will share a snippet.

I really had to pay my health insurance by the end of the month. Usually, I had some source of income. But, I lost all of my sources of income. I had already used my last bits of monies on the previous month of insurance, meds, and a minute amount of my phone bill. The last week of the month looked so grim. I NEEDED enough sales to cover my bill. Long story short, a lovely soul bought enough of my merchandise to cover my insurance bill and a bit more on Monday!!! 

Here are some pics of how I wrapped it up:

Did I mention that my signature color is red? The stamp design is custom, and I purchased the polymer stamp from a seller on Etsy. I did a post on her a while back here. The shop is Scribbling Club. They sell clear polymer stamps for all your stamping needs.