I Love Japanese Fabric!!!!

I love fabric. In fact, I collect fabric and have the bad habit of never using it. For the life of me, I have always wanted high quality fabric from Japan. I started purchasing it just a few years ago. 

Here are two shops on Etsy that I love!!! This and That Japan.

And Beautiful Work:

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Recipe

Blueberries remind me of summer. They make me want to wear gingham, and jar jams and jellies. I want to run through the fields to the "Sound of Music".

I made this awesome cheesecake from the Kraft Foods magazine. You can find the recipe online here! I wanted to make a round shaped cheesecake, so I used a spring form pan instead of the rectangular shaped pan. Also, as you all know, I love the chocolate graham cracker crust...and i love baking cheesecake! Here are my pics: