The Engagement Party Dress

Spring is in the air, well more like summer weather where I am located now! I finally finished that engagement party dress, and I only have a few pics *torn*. 

All of my designs start from a sketch. The client chose which design she wanted, and which fabrics she wanted for the dress. Florals are all the rage right now, and she was the spring flower at the event. The alterations were minimal for there only being one fit meeting for the actual garment! Woot for pattern-making, lol. Please ignore the bra that the dress form is wearing, I had to have it to make sure that the dress fit her bust properly, lol. 


  1. uh what a sexy dress! big like!

  2. So cute! I love the colors & the floral fabric - pretty!

  3. Jó nézelődni a blodban! Tetszik, amiket készítesz!
    legyen szép napod,

  4. I was going for sexy, Ilka ^_^

    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks for visiting Amanda, I love the fabric as well

    Úgy tervezem létrehozása még Erika, köszönöm, hogy benéztél!