Rockin' Out Doll Sketches

It was fun posing those dolls as lingerie models in this post. Here are the sketches of what they will look like. I do plan on selling these. I love making dolls! I feel like i'm making miniature people. These dolls are meant to be a band.

Keep in mind that these are rough sketches. I normally do not show my private sketches to anyone but my family.


  1. These are going to look so cute!! I love the first and the last one- they are like girly punk, with a little bit of harajuku in there. You're so creative with your designs- I really think that is so cool that you make dolls. Btw- I love that you thought that sweater looked like pretty in pink! i love that movie, and i love molly's style in it.. now next time I wear that sweater, I'll be sure to think of that! :D x

  2. Thanks, I was an EGL chick, a lolita ^_^