Rockin' Out Doll Lingerie Model Shoot

This week is Rockin' Out week!!!!! Did I mention that I used to be a goth chick? I decided later that I had the mentality of a punk rocker any way, lol. I'm not a true fashion trend follower, just an observer. 

I finally finished the doll's faces, hair, and undies. They are a band that I made up. I will introduce them later. They turned out taller than my usual ones. 

I felt like I was doing a photo shoot for Victoria's Secret models ^_^


  1. My favorite with purpel hair!
    xx Ilka

  2. HAHA! Adorable. Happy to be your newest follower. Looking forward to your future posts.

    Stay Glamorous!
    Rachel DeSantis

  3. ^_^ thanks everyone! Hello new follower