Modern Marie Antoinette-Rococo Dress

I have finally finished it!!!! I promised that I would make a rococo inspired dress fit for a modern Marie Antoinette. I made my own pattern, draped all of the details. I'm super excited, and I wish that you could see it in person ^_^. 

As my Grams always taught me, "You want it to look good inside and out!" I might sell this dress if anyone is interested that is. The bodice has boning for structure, and is made from woven brocade with silver horses running over water. 

The skirt is made from bridal quality cream dupioni silk. I have built in a petticoat that is sandwiched between lilac lining and self fabric. 

Model is wearing a petticoat for additional fluff. Dress is adorned with black velvet bows and ribbon-like sash and straps.


  1. Oh My! It is sooooo beautiful! I love the running horses! Holy moley you have some talent. Geesh! I wish I could just sew :( <-- see my sad face? yea, I've yet to learn.
    Blasted college is keeping me from anything except what I learned previous semesters...

  2. That reminds me I need your help for an engagement party dress, I've got monies...

  3. Thanks Krystal, this one is for the books,lol!

    Awww, Brooke i've been sewing since 5, and i'm still learning techniques! Keep up with those blasted courses ^_^

    Cool Pattie, i would love to help!