Japanese Fashion: Romantic Inspiration

I'm sure that everyone has heard about the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. It's so heartbreaking to hear, and I have friends over there. For the first time ever, Facebook has become important to me, because people are updating their status like crazy! I'm praying that the missing will be discovered soon.

 I'm happy that so many are helping out with relief and aid. Though this is a sad time, I still would like to share a bit of inspiration from my favorite Japanese magazine! I'm still feeling a bit romantic from last week.  Let's keep our chins up, and help with the relief work in any way that we can.


  1. yeahh.. that thing in japan.. it was horrible!
    I watched at TV and I felt really powerless because I'm not able to help them!
    anyway, great inspiration girl!
    we know it has passed a lot since the last time we commented you, sorry
    xxoo http://pop-corn-love.blogspot.com/

  2. It has so been on my mind lately, so sad :(

  3. so sad!!!!!!
    But the pics are beautiful!
    xx Ilka

  4. Thanks for commenting Bella! Yeah, it is really sad about what happened.

    Thanks Krystal and Ilka, I am going to try and help out if I can!