Engagement Party Dress Meeting II

I have fabric on my mind! Whew, I have picked many swatches and my lovely customer has spoken. Here are the swatches for her dress:

Also, I have bought the fabric for the Pretty in Pink contest winner's skirt. Working on it now, and Pattie is working on the clutch. I combined her like for teal, and pink and found this wonderful batik cotton print. Here is a swatch for her skirt: 


  1. they are pretty pretty swatches! i can't wait to see the final products :)

  2. Such beautiful fabric, especially the first one! The colors are so rich and warm- definitely a fun combination. The scarf bow I was wearing with that outfit was just a regular scarf that I tied that way :D It was such a fun outfit to put together, especially when you can get creative with versatile items, too! xxx

  3. Ack! i am so excited. Can't wait to see the Pretty in Pink skirt!