Vintage Month: Rococo Inspiration Dress

I promised a dress...or 2 by the end of last week. I'm sorry everyone, but I was sick. I did finally finish one dress inspired by Rococo. I created this dress using a Vintage Vogue pattern to save time. I am making another dress fit for modern Marie Antoinette. 

I used paisley fabric because it was a popular print for shawls around the 1780s-1870s (source). It reminds me of the Rococo era, which is why I used it for this dress. I did not want to literally make a dress from Marie's lifetime. This project is for the inspiration of it all! I wish that I did not throw away my white wig, it would have been perfect for this shoot.

Please stay tuned this week for more cool vintage! Tune in Monday to see what's going on for the week ^_^


  1. Oh wow- this dress is gorgeous!!! The shape definitely reminds me of the rococo era, especially with the way it has a layer that comes in at the waist, ties, and comes out again. Gorgeous choice with the pattern and color, too- paisley is so pretty.

    Haha- your last comment made me LoL- that was awesome :P And thank youuu! :P x

  2. wonderfull, I love the color and your shoes I can find words!

    Congrats dear!
    xx Ilka

  3. So pretty! Following from the bouffe e bambini giveaway!

  4. *Blush lines*, thanks fashionista ^_^

    Those are my favorite pair of shoes!