Vintage Month: Final Plaid Project

Welcome to Vintage Month everyone! Remember the post that I made in November about plaid and being inspired by Japanese fashion mags? You can find the post here for a reminder ^_^. As promised, I have finished the last plaid project out of the three plaids. 

1. plaid skirt
2. checker plaid dress

I tied this project in with Vintage Month to knock out 2 projects in one session. My main inspiration are still the Japanese fashion mags, but with a 1950s twist. I apologize in advance for the "well-endowed" model's cleavage. 

Working at the bar is not easy
Second job, the movie theater. That popcorn
machine will not clean itself! 
Done! Now I can hang out with my boyfriend
Wearing my motorcycle jacket and going to
see my rebel of a boyfriend 

Stay tuned for another vintage project next week: the 1940s!


  1. these pics are so cute :) I did get your email and will be getting to email today!

  2. great dress!!!!!!!!
    thanx for comment xxoo

  3. Thanks so much Ilka, I was going for that look ^_^!

    Thanks Krystal

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog Bella!