Rococo Mice

It is still Vintage month, and this week I am celebrating the 1700s, before and after the French Revolution. Rococo used pastels, Oriental florals, swirls (rocaille), and shells. 

The past post was of Marie Antoinette! She is a fashion icon even to this day. I made some stuffed mice and pincushions. The cheese is filled with emery sand to keep your needles sharp! 

If you would like to purchase a stuffed mouse, a set of 3, or a mouse pincushion contact me. I sell them here! ^_^ Stay tuned this week for another amazing inspired garment!


  1. Nagyon szépek és aranyosak ezek az egerek!
    Szép napot és jó munkát!

  2. My favorite in the last pic the middle one!
    So cute! Luv!

    xx Ilka

  3. Erika, Nagyon élveztem, hogy ezeket egerek, köszönöm szépen!

    Ilka, That is my fav as well with it's pink tail!

    Krystal, I secretly play with them,lol