Macarons, Shortbread and Tea

This is still Vintage Month, so let's chat over some tea ^_^!

French Macarons History: They did not become popular until after the French Revolution. The legend goes that 2 nuns fled and baked macarons to support themselves and became known as "The Macaron Sisters", and the popular throughout the area. During the 1900s, Pierre Desfontaines came up with the idea to sandwich the cookies with ganache. (source Field Guide to Cookies). 

I ordered these macarons from an awesome etsy shop : Baked. She is a professional baker, and been baking for 15 years! Please check out her shop for more cool cookies made to taste like homemade.

Shortbread History: Shortbread started in Scotland during the medieval period. It is named for its "short" texture: which represents a crumbly texture. In ancient pagan beliefs , they represented the sun and were used as an offering at the end of the year. 

I made these, and they are better than the popular store bought brand! They are smooth and silk because of the different types of flour. Will post the recipe later ^_^.


  1. That's so cool!! I didn't know these things.. I love to read about the history of things we just take for granted. Mmmm- but macaroons and short bread are so incredibly delicious...!

    Thank you for the well-wishing comment! Hopefully you will be able to return to NYC soon :) x

  2. yammi!I wish you a happy weekend dear!

  3. I hope I will be able to return soon as well ^_^

    You too, thanks!