Japanese Fashion: Emilio Pucci 60s Inspiration

Since this is Mix Tape week for Vintage month on my blog, I decided not to go in any particular order for the years, lol. We have already hit the 80s and 90s this week. So we might hit the 70s, but for now let's tune in for some 60s inspiration.

What a better designer to be inspired by: Emilio Pucci!!!!! His vivid prints, and wrinkle free dresses (silk or synthetic) were one of the cornerstones of the 1960s. He actually became popular in the late 1940s, but he is popularly well known for colorful psychedelic prints of the 60s. Even Jackie O Kennedy and Sophia Loren wore his fashions! Emilio is known fro his scarves, handbags, and dresses to this very day.

By the way, I want that Chiffon dress in the last page. Reminder: don't forget about my Pretty in Pink giveaway here! Winner will receive a skirt in your size, and a coordinating clutch inspired by the movie Pretty in Pink!!! I can't wait to get started on the winner's skirt and bring my sketches to life.

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