The 80s: Green Silk Maggy London Dress

If only I could make a dress in a day...oh well. This is still Vintage Month, so check out this lovely find.

I went thrifting in the low down country (it was really Savannah, lol). I love Savannah by the way! At any rate, I went there and spotted the arm of this dress peeking out between an ancient ugly wedding gown, and some floral print grandma nightgown. I ran to the green sleeve like it was a long lost friend. My mother-in-law looked at me if I were a metal patient. I had to dig it out of some plum church dress from the 80s with horrendous embroidery (can somebody say cat lady in the hills). The precious dress was pinned down by yet another dress from some funeral home fashion show. Too much? Sorry about that...those dresses were that bad. 

I pulled it out, looked at the label and checked for visible stains and holes. Well, some moths got to 3 spots on the dress. They were pin sized holes on the backs of the sleeves that no one would notice. No discoloration. I explained to "mom" that it was a rare find as I searched for it on my Blackberry. I thought about selling it online...I might one day. I only paid $5 for it!!!!! They looked at me like: you're getting excited over that thing? *Shrugs* It is 100% silk, well constructed. 

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Check out the Depeche Mode song: "Wrong". Great 80s band still making awesome kick-ass music!


  1. the COLOR of the dress is gorgeous. what a fun score!

  2. Thanks, my hubby calls me old because I love Depeche Mode!!!!