Recap of Vintage Month

Vintage Month has come to and end, even though I didn't post for the last 2 days. This has been a long week...

Well, next month I plan on having a theme every week! I will try as best I can to keep it up. I'm still working on that dress, sigh. 

This week will be Rockin' Out Week! Sorry for the short post and don't forget to check out my Pretty in Pink giveaway here!!!! It ends March 8th ^_^

Macarons, Shortbread and Tea

This is still Vintage Month, so let's chat over some tea ^_^!

French Macarons History: They did not become popular until after the French Revolution. The legend goes that 2 nuns fled and baked macarons to support themselves and became known as "The Macaron Sisters", and the popular throughout the area. During the 1900s, Pierre Desfontaines came up with the idea to sandwich the cookies with ganache. (source Field Guide to Cookies). 

I ordered these macarons from an awesome etsy shop : Baked. She is a professional baker, and been baking for 15 years! Please check out her shop for more cool cookies made to taste like homemade.

Shortbread History: Shortbread started in Scotland during the medieval period. It is named for its "short" texture: which represents a crumbly texture. In ancient pagan beliefs , they represented the sun and were used as an offering at the end of the year. 

I made these, and they are better than the popular store bought brand! They are smooth and silk because of the different types of flour. Will post the recipe later ^_^.

Japanese Fashion: Emilio Pucci 60s Inspiration

Since this is Mix Tape week for Vintage month on my blog, I decided not to go in any particular order for the years, lol. We have already hit the 80s and 90s this week. So we might hit the 70s, but for now let's tune in for some 60s inspiration.

What a better designer to be inspired by: Emilio Pucci!!!!! His vivid prints, and wrinkle free dresses (silk or synthetic) were one of the cornerstones of the 1960s. He actually became popular in the late 1940s, but he is popularly well known for colorful psychedelic prints of the 60s. Even Jackie O Kennedy and Sophia Loren wore his fashions! Emilio is known fro his scarves, handbags, and dresses to this very day.

By the way, I want that Chiffon dress in the last page. Reminder: don't forget about my Pretty in Pink giveaway here! Winner will receive a skirt in your size, and a coordinating clutch inspired by the movie Pretty in Pink!!! I can't wait to get started on the winner's skirt and bring my sketches to life.

The 80s: Green Silk Maggy London Dress

If only I could make a dress in a day...oh well. This is still Vintage Month, so check out this lovely find.

I went thrifting in the low down country (it was really Savannah, lol). I love Savannah by the way! At any rate, I went there and spotted the arm of this dress peeking out between an ancient ugly wedding gown, and some floral print grandma nightgown. I ran to the green sleeve like it was a long lost friend. My mother-in-law looked at me if I were a metal patient. I had to dig it out of some plum church dress from the 80s with horrendous embroidery (can somebody say cat lady in the hills). The precious dress was pinned down by yet another dress from some funeral home fashion show. Too much? Sorry about that...those dresses were that bad. 

I pulled it out, looked at the label and checked for visible stains and holes. Well, some moths got to 3 spots on the dress. They were pin sized holes on the backs of the sleeves that no one would notice. No discoloration. I explained to "mom" that it was a rare find as I searched for it on my Blackberry. I thought about selling it online...I might one day. I only paid $5 for it!!!!! They looked at me like: you're getting excited over that thing? *Shrugs* It is 100% silk, well constructed. 

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Check out the Depeche Mode song: "Wrong". Great 80s band still making awesome kick-ass music!

Cool 80s Giveaway: Pretty in Pink

Vintage month has been fun for me. I am going to finish this with a bang! An awesome blogger Hanna on Bouffe e Bambini is hosting my Pretty in Pink giveaway! The prize: a skirt in your size and a matching clutch made by Pattie at Structured Chaos . You can choose from 7 designs!!! 

Please check it out here ^_^ Spread the word, maybe your friend will win

Mix Tape Week: the 90s

This week is "Mix Tape Week" for Vintage Month! I am mixing up the time periods, so hold on to something and don't get lost...

Today, I am sharing a bit of the 80s and 90s together in one shoot. I know that some people do not feel that clothing from the 90s is vintage, but hey the 90s was 21 years ago! On my Flickr account, I gave it a funny name for the shoot. Model is wearing a silk cheetah print dress with a tie at the waist and short sleeves (early 90s), black wool fedora, Hue metallic and black tights, Seychelles red leather Code pumps.

Stay tuned for tomorrow: I will give you a has to do with pink and the 80s...and an awesome giveaway!!!!

Vintage Month: Rococo Inspiration Dress

I promised a dress...or 2 by the end of last week. I'm sorry everyone, but I was sick. I did finally finish one dress inspired by Rococo. I created this dress using a Vintage Vogue pattern to save time. I am making another dress fit for modern Marie Antoinette. 

I used paisley fabric because it was a popular print for shawls around the 1780s-1870s (source). It reminds me of the Rococo era, which is why I used it for this dress. I did not want to literally make a dress from Marie's lifetime. This project is for the inspiration of it all! I wish that I did not throw away my white wig, it would have been perfect for this shoot.

Please stay tuned this week for more cool vintage! Tune in Monday to see what's going on for the week ^_^

Molten Cinnamon-Chocolate Cupcakes

Marie Antoinette enjoyed eating desserts with her friends. It is rumored that she pretended to eat with her husband, and then later ate in private with her friends. I made these yummy chocolate cupcakes as a tribute of what she might eat.

Molten Cinnamon-Chocolate Cupcakes

  • 6 ounces unsweetened baking chocolate
  • 3/4 cup of butter (1 1/2 sticks)
  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, plus extra for garnish
  • 4 eggs
  • 6 Tbs all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
1. Preheat oven to 425 bake, or 350. Spray cupcake tin with non-stick cooking spray.

2. Combine chocolate and butter in a non-metallic bowl; put in microwave on HIGH 1 1/2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted and smooth. Place in bowl of stand up mixer. Add powdered sugar, eggs, flour, cinnamon and vanilla; beat at medium speed until well blended. Scoop batter into tins, filling slightly above half full.

3. Bake at 13 minutes or until cupcakes spring back when lightly touched, but centers are soft. Let stand for 1 minute; loosen sides with a butter knife and invert onto a serving plate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve immediately.

I had mine with black coffee, though i'm sure she did not drink coffee, but tea instead. It was not popular to have coffee until after Napoleon's day. 

Japanese Fashion: Marie Antoinette Inspiration

This week is all about the 1700s, and fashion icon Marie Antoinette. I pulled a bit of inspiration for the next dress project for this week. The hair, the fabrics, and just sweets and color combinations. Enjoy ^_^!

Stay tuned this week for another dress...or 2 ^_^

Rococo Mice

It is still Vintage month, and this week I am celebrating the 1700s, before and after the French Revolution. Rococo used pastels, Oriental florals, swirls (rocaille), and shells. 

The past post was of Marie Antoinette! She is a fashion icon even to this day. I made some stuffed mice and pincushions. The cheese is filled with emery sand to keep your needles sharp! 

If you would like to purchase a stuffed mouse, a set of 3, or a mouse pincushion contact me. I sell them here! ^_^ Stay tuned this week for another amazing inspired garment!

Cool Vintage Theme of the Week

Last week we visited the 1930s, and vintage jewelry with classic recipes. This week, I am going to center a theme around this fashion icon. I will not bore you with the historical details, (you can look those up), but prepare's a hint below:

These pictures were taken in New York in 2008 during Macy's annual flower shop. This is a window from the historical Macy's on 34th street. Each display embodied a time period, and a fashion style or icon stylized by a floral arragement. 

1930s Vintage Vogue Dress

This week has been insane! I promised a handmade garment from the 1940s, but I was not able to start on has been one of those weeks out of my control. 

So, I am posting a dress that I made from a Vintage Vogue 1935 pattern. If you are interested in making your own slip dress, it is pattern number V2859.

I used light weight lilac satin for the dress. To add a bit of flair, I hand beaded lavender beads around the bust edge, and tonal pinks in the diamond on the bodice. Due to the size of the dress, i could not use my usual model. Dress forms are so convenient! 

Stay tuned for another vintage project! I will give you a hint on Sunday ^_^