Winged Horizon Hair Facinator

I love hair accessories. I have been making them since I was in high school. My favorite hairstyle was a tight or lose bun with a lovely accompaniment alongside the right side of my hair. 

I actually remember sitting in my room hand gluing pieces of knit and muslin together to form this black flower hair pin.

I loved to wear feathers on the side of my hair behind the ear in high school. I still do to this day. 
Making the seed bead accessories were fun as well. I got the design idea out of a free book many years ago.

bumble bee bobbies

lizard bobby pins
ladybug bobbies
You can check out my love for hair accessories here.
I am currently working on a new line of hair accessories! 


  1. I Love your hair accessories!!!My favorite is the first one and the last one!!!!
    so cute!!!

  2. I nominated you for an award at
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  3. That black one is beautiful! I just love accessories! They instantly take what you're wearing to the next level!
    I hope your new year has been wonderful so far! Your blog is looking great!

  4. Thanks everyone ^_^. They were so much fun to make. I plan on making more in the near future.

    Thank you Brooke Anna for nominating me, checking it out now!