Queen of Hearts

She is one of the most notorious characters in Lewis Carroll book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One of her favorite quotes are, "Off with his head!" Or for that matter, off with her head. 

In 2005, after receiving The Annotated version of Alice in Wonderland, I started designing my own version of the Queen. My version is sexier and cooler.

She is wearing an actual corset made by me,
and bloomers with a chemise. 

This Queen of Hearts' hair used to be blonde, but it is red because of all of the murders that she has committed. Her eyes are green for her greed, and gold hearts shimmer as her irises. She is corrupt, and will stop at nothing to destroy and conquer everything and everyone. 


  1. Te jó ég! Ez csodálatos! Minden részlete.
    Buon week end!

  2. My Goodness! You've got ridiculous talent. I love the stockings!

  3. Köszönet tehát sok Erika! Jó hétvégét, valamint

    The stocking are made from upcycled materials Savoir

  4. I loved this, great!!
    Fantastic post!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE

  5. Wow great job! I love the little corset - amazing! I didn't know that is why her hair was red - very interesting!

  6. Thanks, I made that part up. I like to write stories in my "spare time", lol.