Pricing of Bags

Pricing your handmade goods can pose to be a challenge to crafters.  We have to be fair to ourselves, and to our customers. Some use an equation, or a model to calculate how much to charge: labor, supplies, time, skill level, and other factors are included. 

When I first started making handmade items when I was in high school, I under charged myself. I did this up until 2005. Then, I started working in the industry, and purchasing items with my own money. 

The button bags that I sell are $120 for many reasons that I am going to share with you. 

Materials: The materials are vintage, circa 1950s to 1960s. The metal zipper and the linen fabric was still in it's original fabric store bag with the handwritten receipt! As for the buttons, I collected them over the years. The thread is a durable nylon that will not dry rot over the years like cotton thread. The bags are lined as well with vintage fabric.

Time: It took me 1 night to construct 4 bags (cutting and construction included). Design each layout, 1 week. Sewing the buttons on individually, per bag was 2-3 days.

If you walk into a store that sells imported bags with heavy beading or embroidery, expect to pay at least $90. Anthropologie example here. The bags were made on a loom, and there are more than one of them. 

Final note: The bags that i make are one of a kind originals. No one else will have your bag, it is truly a collector's item. The inspiration for these bags were from the elements found in nature: fire, water, wind, and earth. Thanks for listening ^_^


  1. Nagyon jó, ötletes! Sok gombom van nekem is, megpróbálok valami hasonlót!
    Szép napot!

  2. Köszönjük, hogy az Ön őszinte hozzászólást! Szép estét is. Imádom gombok és részletek

  3. I think your button bags are gorgeous and you deserve to get $120