New York is What Dreams are Made of

I'm super excited!!! This is my very first treasury on Etsy, and I want to share it with you ^_^. Like the red font? Well, it was either this for NY red apples, or yellow, and I don't think that yellow would show up well, lol. You can view it here for New York style eye candy!

I seriously scheduled this project. I'm making another one for Friday, so be on the lookout! I accomplished one of my goals this year, which was to make a treasury.

I would have loved to add my red button bag, but it is frowned down upon to include yourself in your treasuries. I would love it if one of these make it to the front page. On to the next goal... 


  1. Congrats on knocking a to do item off the list! And it looks great!

  2. Thanks, it feels great accomplishing goals ^_^