My First

I always wanted to make dolls when I was growing up. I was a Barbie and American Girl child. I played with both, but I was not your usual doll player. I developed complex story lines based on science fiction, drama, and action. 

I didn't learn how to make a proper doll until after high school. I really didn't get it! I am very self taught with all of my crafts, and could not make a doll for the life of me. I made clothing, corset with boning, hair accessories, and doll quilts. Meet Victoria, the Elegant Gothic Lolita. 

I was a bit ambitious with my first project, and I made her during my freshman year of college. She is wearing bloomers, a petticoat, a blouse, and a suit. Her boots are actually real leather!


  1. thanks for comment, your blog is really cool!!
    love this post, we find it very original, great workkkkkkk!
    big kisses for youu :)

  2. hy Lolita nice to meet you!
    you are beautiful!

  3. Thank-you both! I love both of your blogs ^_^