Fairie Angel: #3

Fairie Angel was one of my favorite creations. She was third in line. I wanted to sell her, but at the time I did not know how to market myself.  

I remember visiting my Grams in Detroit going to several fabric stores just to make sure that I had what I needed...and wanted. Every doll starts with a sketch. I would share with you, but I cannot find that sketch pad. Ahhh, I have too much stuff from moving! Moving on...

Fairie Angel does not need shoes, for she flies wherever she wants on her wings. Her eyes have a silver glow (they are made from metallic floss). Her pale pink lipstick is laced with silver thread. Her hair is flowing and white. Her outfit is my fav, I went to three different places to comprise it! Silver jersey, creamy ivory satin, feather, and $5 a yard lace. Under her skirt, she's wearing a cage made from boning   and lace.


  1. I love the details!Super trendy angel!

  2. as inspiring as ever, love your creations
    you're REALLY talented!!!
    xxoo http://pop-corn-love.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks!!! She is also one of my first ones too! I had no idea what I was doing,lol