I have discovered the most awesome site ever! This is my opinion of course. A good friend told me about the joys of swapping. I have already sent my packages for 2 swaps, and i'm waiting on my partners for my third swap. 

SPOILER ALERT: I am showing pics of the packages that I sent off. Warning.


Hello everyone!!!! I am trying to remove my knitted necklaces from my shop. I am in the process of re-vamping Mienkintosh Fairie. You will get 20% all knitted necklaces in my shop! This offer will go on until all necklaces sell out. Thanks in advance for your support! Please use this coupon code at checkout: KNIT20.

Did I mention that these necklaces are super soft, and made from wool, or 100% cotton? They make instant accessories for any outfit.

Queen of Hearts

She is one of the most notorious characters in Lewis Carroll book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One of her favorite quotes are, "Off with his head!" Or for that matter, off with her head. 

In 2005, after receiving The Annotated version of Alice in Wonderland, I started designing my own version of the Queen. My version is sexier and cooler.

She is wearing an actual corset made by me,
and bloomers with a chemise. 

This Queen of Hearts' hair used to be blonde, but it is red because of all of the murders that she has committed. Her eyes are green for her greed, and gold hearts shimmer as her irises. She is corrupt, and will stop at nothing to destroy and conquer everything and everyone. 

Fairie Angel: #3

Fairie Angel was one of my favorite creations. She was third in line. I wanted to sell her, but at the time I did not know how to market myself.  

I remember visiting my Grams in Detroit going to several fabric stores just to make sure that I had what I needed...and wanted. Every doll starts with a sketch. I would share with you, but I cannot find that sketch pad. Ahhh, I have too much stuff from moving! Moving on...

Fairie Angel does not need shoes, for she flies wherever she wants on her wings. Her eyes have a silver glow (they are made from metallic floss). Her pale pink lipstick is laced with silver thread. Her hair is flowing and white. Her outfit is my fav, I went to three different places to comprise it! Silver jersey, creamy ivory satin, feather, and $5 a yard lace. Under her skirt, she's wearing a cage made from boning   and lace.


Angela is the second doll that I have ever made. Well, I am a bit embarrassed to post the second doll. The second doll resembles Heidi, and I very odd looking. I was experimenting at the time...

At any rate, I was sampling my embroidery technique, and trying to embroider "makeup", I will not attempt this again! I was a college student on a budget, so I used old clothing and upcycled it into something new. 

My First

I always wanted to make dolls when I was growing up. I was a Barbie and American Girl child. I played with both, but I was not your usual doll player. I developed complex story lines based on science fiction, drama, and action. 

I didn't learn how to make a proper doll until after high school. I really didn't get it! I am very self taught with all of my crafts, and could not make a doll for the life of me. I made clothing, corset with boning, hair accessories, and doll quilts. Meet Victoria, the Elegant Gothic Lolita. 

I was a bit ambitious with my first project, and I made her during my freshman year of college. She is wearing bloomers, a petticoat, a blouse, and a suit. Her boots are actually real leather!

February Issue of Japanese Mag!!!

My newest issue of the Japanese mag "Sweets" is here!!!! I will post scans...as soon as I am finished posting scans from the last magazine, lol.

Monochromatic Love Treasury

Check out my grey font,lol. I made another treasury for you all to enjoy. Here is the link.

If you like it, please feel free to share it ^_^. I'm on a treasury roll! My goal is to do 2 a week.

Homemade Ribbon Tutorial on Homework

Check out this really cool ribbon tutorial! The blogger's name is Carolyn, and her blog is called Homework.

You can click here for the tutorial!

New York is What Dreams are Made of

I'm super excited!!! This is my very first treasury on Etsy, and I want to share it with you ^_^. Like the red font? Well, it was either this for NY red apples, or yellow, and I don't think that yellow would show up well, lol. You can view it here for New York style eye candy!

I seriously scheduled this project. I'm making another one for Friday, so be on the lookout! I accomplished one of my goals this year, which was to make a treasury.

I would have loved to add my red button bag, but it is frowned down upon to include yourself in your treasuries. I would love it if one of these make it to the front page. On to the next goal... 

Japanese Fashion: I've Got the Blues

More inspiration from the magazine! I've got the blues, so i'm sharing them with you. This post is another sneak peek for something awesome in the near future, so stay tuned!!!

Why I Make Dolls

Doll making is an art form, just like painting. Some will disagree with me, but that's how I feel about it. Every doll maker is different. Some of them want to stick in a category, others want to stand apart. 

I design dolls for seven reasons (in no particular order):

1. I cannot find what I like in stores
2. To express my vision
3. To challenge myself
4. To test my fashion designs 
5. It is more fun than painting on canvas
6. Because I have a Peter Pan complex, lol
7. I love dolls!

Doll making becomes a complex equation. Each doll that I create I have to figure out things like: how am I going to make this Mohawk? How am I going to make this garment look like the sketch in every aspect? I love it, I love making dolls. I love sharing my work with people.