Sephora's Tarte Mini Blush Review

I wanted to try Tarte's blush stain for the longest, but without the commitment of purchasing a larger size. Well I have found the perfect way to do that! On Sephora's website, I discovered  a gift set perfectly named : "Ring It In". I paid $25 for the set.

The set includes: an adjustable gold knot ring, and 3 4.8 grams (.17 ounces) worth of blush stain. 

The colors are (from left to right of photo): Flawless (brilliant berry shade), Vivid (a vibrant pink), and luster (bronze champagne with shimmer added).

This gold knot ring is too large for me (i'm a ring size 4.5). But i'm sure that this will fit the standard ring size for women (6-8). It appears to be nickel-free, and it fun to wear. But on to the blush!

The amount of blush that you receive a a great value for those wanting to try it out. I have extremely sensitive skin, and work hard to keep it acne-free. This post is for those with sensitive skin and those without. I have worn this blush for a week straight with no breakouts. The ingredients are predominately natural. It is free from: parbens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates (a substance added to plastic), sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic dye, and synthetic fragrance.

The stain is transparent, very sheer and it not highly pigmented. You can blend the colors and build the stain as much as needed.

 My complexion is medium, and I did not have to use that much of the product for the color to show up. The Luster color has shimmer, and might cause your cheeks to appear shiny. I personally feel that the Vivid color is too pink! But, when used with Luster, it is automatically toned down. My favorite color is Flawless, and can be used for daily usage.

 I will purchase a full-sized Tarte stain in the future. This product is not recommended for those with oily skin, as it might make you appear shiny. But, you can use a pressed powder blush to go over it to make it matte. 


  1. Such a pretty ring and those blushes look adorable too!! This would make a perfect present between girlfriends :)

    - the runaway

  2. I'm not much of a make-up person but the ring is cute :) But my finger is also too small ( YES to no more pregnancy fingers )

  3. Interesting. That ring is pretty and I'm liking review.

  4. Yes, this would make a great gift ^_^.
    Yippie to small fingers!
    Thanks Savoir