Results: Plaid and Japanese Fashion Mag Inspiration

In November, I did a post here about this plaid fabric that I had laying around the house. I wanted to draw inspiration from my Japanese fashion mags, and this is what i came up with. 

This was not a difficult design. I will be a bit more inspired for the next 2 designs. I plan on draping them with muslin like the good old days. 

Those are a few construction shots, I had more, but my camera is being a bit squiffy. The buttons that i picked out are so cool! They remind me of toffee candy swirls. This project took me a day to construct in between making another cheesecake! This time, I made a homemade mixed berry marmalade on top. 


  1. That skirt is stunning... I would love the design in a pair of pants; with the same fabric, buttons,waist, and cloth belt. love the skirt too!
    Stopping by and following your blog from Tara's weekend blog hop...
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!

  2. Thank-you Ilka! I love them too!
    Elizabeth, that is such an awesome idea to make pants with that material!

  3. Cute stuff! Good luck to us both on Etsy!!! You can add your blog to the "shop/freebies/" page on my free blog directory at
    Have a Merry Christmas!:)

  4. Thanks Christina for your kind words! I'm going to check you out on Etsy