Red Button Bag

I really enjoyed this project. I started this bag in Detroit while visiting my grandma. I call her Grams ^_^. I shopped through her stash while I was there, and some of the buttons were still in Sears bags with the receipts in them from 1952 and such! I used her linen stash for the collection of button bags in my shop.
I worked on this bag on the plane, and a kind man next to me was willing to purchase it on the spot! But, alas, it was not complete. It's complete now, and available to purchase.

You will not find a bag like this anywhere else. It took me almost a week to complete it. I finished the bag in New York,lol. You can find it here: 


  1. Amazing!!!! Lovely!!!! Cute!!!!!!Stylish!
    and you are very creative!
    xoxo Ilka

  2. What a beautiful bag! I love all the buttons, they are so colorful!

    - the runaway