Packaging Samples

I'm sure there are people who would like to know how their item will look when it arrives. This is a post about my packaging. I have posted a few samples.

For my hang tags, I didn't want to use paper. I want to take the environmentally friendly route. I have 2 types of hang tags: felt made from recycled bottles, and muslin. For the muslin ones, I used my clear rubber stamp with gold or red ink. Custom clear stamps such as these can be purchased at Scribbling Club on Etsy. I finished them off using gold elastic cording and a brass safety pin.

What type of packaging do you use?


  1. Girly, your stuff is awesome.


    P.S. I hope you check your email soon ;)

  2. Thanks, i'm on my blackberry right now,lol

  3. Such cute hang tags! love it.

    by the way, i love your turkey & green apples recipe so much that I linked it to the Recipes I Want to Try section in my left side bar :)

    Hope to try it soon and I think I'll add some goat cheese :)!

    by the way, I'll be posting the cinnamon, sugar chips recipe soon :)

  4. Love that you use fabric tags instead of paper ones!

    Thanks for stopping by my site.


  5. Cute ideas!! I am following you back...thanks so much for your follow! :)

  6. I like that it would come in a box, very cute!
    Also, I wasn't really afraid of airplanes until recently either! weird.