Harajuku Lovers and Sanrio

Gwen hang tag for Harajuku Lovers
As I said in the last post, i'm not into handbags, but i love totes! Anything with a funky print is the type of bag that I desire. I wonder, when will I become too old to carry such bags? Must i get at least one "adult" bag in my collection? I suppose so...one day.

Harajuku Lovers checkered  shoulder bag with cargo pockets

This bag is the perfect go-to bag. It's small, but can fit an agenda planner, snacks, and other items that are long.

Harajuku Lovers canvas tote bag
I bought this bag after it went on sale at THE historic Macy's in New York. This was my first purchase in the Big Apple during my internship. *Sigh*, I miss NY still. My husband spilled coffee on it, and i'm trying to find a way to safely clean it, so I can't show you pics of the other side of the bag.

This Hello Kitty bag is reversible! Cool, right?
I use this side for everyday usage.
While the blue version of this bag is full priced, i purchased this bag from the Sanrio store in NY, they were trying to get rid of it. I bought it for $30! 

Chococat!!! I love this tote.
I still have more bags somewhere around here...

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