Well, I am back on the blogging scene! After suffering with blogger/business depression, I am back. My sales are nill, and my blog is not expanding. So I figured I would take some time off to recuperate and meditate.

 Maybe I am not meant to be a blogger. It takes skill and determination! And of course interesting content and photos. I might retire and close my shop as well, and get a "real" job again. 

I have been sewing a lot since I've been gone for the past 9 days. I'm done griping now.


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better- I absolutely (sp?) love the handmade necklace I won in the giveaway at Vintage Wanna Bee. I received it yesterday and was swooning on the way to wal-mart. I'm sorry to hear this though. If you would like a chance to win something from my blog, I'm at mommydoes.blogspot.com
    I have a Smiley Cookie giveaway going on with NO entries. I'm not sure why? I LOVED the cookies I got to review. I love so many things in your shop you have some amazing talent.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will check it out right away, and i'm happy that you like your necklace. ^_^