Dress Me Hawaiian Hello Kitty

Before I left the Big Apple, I took one last trip to the Sanrio store in Times Square. I wanted to get something special for me, and my little sister. In the center of the store was a shelf dedicated to this new Hello Kitty plush called "Dress Me". The top shelf had standing Hawaiian Hello Kitty, and sitting Hello Kitty. After speaking with the sales associate, I bought 2 Hawaiian Hello Kitties because they were discontinuing them soon. I soon ordered an outfit for my plush, and felt bad because my sister did not have clothing for hers.

So, I made her an outfit from my sister's sketch:


  1. Awww that's so adorable! You're very talented! They both look so perfect together :)

    - the runaway

  2. Thanks, I plan on making more of them ^_^

  3. Oh my gosh! Would I die and go to Heaven if I had the pink one? ...I think I would!

  4. My daughter got a dress me doll for christmas - i'd love to make her some more dresses. Your shoes are super cute.
    Any chance you will do a tutorial?