Bags and Totes!

 I'm not a handbag person, but I do love tote bags. I own several totes that I must post this week. They are all very interesting, cute, and even a bit odd. 

I made and sell these button clutches in my shop online:
my shop. The story behind the bag: 

I was watching an episode of Law and Order, and one of the people they were interviewing had a vest covered in badge style pin on buttons. This all happened while I was eating some Skittles. After taking a trip to Michigan, and some raiding of my Grams' vintage buttons stash later...the button bag was born!

"Does anyone want these scarves?", asked my boss's assistant. "I do! I will make something with it," I replied. I took home a total of 6 scarves. They were woven plaid scarves that everyone was wearing, some still are. I decided to make shopping totes with them. I used 2 types of batting and quilted each side with a different design. No 2 bags are alike! I'm selling them on my site as well. Check them out!


  1. Hey sweety! Design a bag competition, If you are interested here is the link;

  2. Those bags are SO cool!! Good job!!

  3. You aleady know my lust for those bags!!! Sinful!!