Anniversary Cheesecake Recipe

We celebrated my parents anniversary with desserts this weekend! My little sister made white chocolate and almond cookies. They were perfect. I didn't bake like that when I was her age. In fact, I didn't get into baking until I was in high school. I was too busy learning more about sewing, painting, and baking clay. 

The recipe that I used is from Kraft. I used it as a guide and then changed a few things. I added Grand Marnier, lemon extract, and fresh lemon zest to the cake. The method in which I beat the batter was to insure a perfect texture. 

I made the black cherry sauce from scratch. Pitting cherries
without a cherry pit remover is not fun. I added dark rum to the sauce for a little kick.


  1. Oh gosh, that all sounds so delicious!! Maybe i'll have time this w/e...

  2. It was gone in 2 days with a family of 5

  3. Why must you post such delicious food? Do you not realize that I'm on a diet (syke!)? I did not know you cooked like this... I'm impressed.