Result 2: Plaid and Japanese Fashion Mag Inspiration

Last week I completed my second plaid project. 2 down, 1 more to go! I made a post about using Japanese fashion and sewing magazines for inspiration here.

I decided to do a photo shoot this time around to show the garment on an actual person instead of the dressform. Here are the results:

Fur vest that is handmade by me

Dress being worn as a drop waist dress.

I love that hat! It's mine, and handmade. 

The bag that came with my newest Japanese fashion
mag. Model is wearing the dress and fur vest.

The project was fun, and the inspiration derived from the cover of this amazing Japanese sewing mag!

 The fur vest, I draped, made a flat pattern, and sewed. The shoulders and side seams are hand sewn using durable thread. The lapels are tacked down using the same type of thread using 4 strands. Any feedback is welcome, and I will post the next project soon! Well...i'm still working on it.

Previous post on last plaid project can be seen here


Well, I am back on the blogging scene! After suffering with blogger/business depression, I am back. My sales are nill, and my blog is not expanding. So I figured I would take some time off to recuperate and meditate.

 Maybe I am not meant to be a blogger. It takes skill and determination! And of course interesting content and photos. I might retire and close my shop as well, and get a "real" job again. 

I have been sewing a lot since I've been gone for the past 9 days. I'm done griping now.

Red Octopus

I recently completed my latest project. It's a lovely hair comb from my newest collection called Aquatic Life. It will consist of hair accessories and pins made from felt and covered in beading or sequins.

Results: Plaid and Japanese Fashion Mag Inspiration

In November, I did a post here about this plaid fabric that I had laying around the house. I wanted to draw inspiration from my Japanese fashion mags, and this is what i came up with. 

This was not a difficult design. I will be a bit more inspired for the next 2 designs. I plan on draping them with muslin like the good old days. 

Those are a few construction shots, I had more, but my camera is being a bit squiffy. The buttons that i picked out are so cool! They remind me of toffee candy swirls. This project took me a day to construct in between making another cheesecake! This time, I made a homemade mixed berry marmalade on top. 

Silver 7 Loops Knitted Necklace

I recently posted this necklace in my shop today. It is very festive, and can be worn even after the holidays. It is made from silver acrylic yarn with metallic thread intertwined.

I made 7 loops, and then stitched crystals at the intersections of each loop.

This will make a excellent statement piece for your collection. It is completely hypoallergenic. This does not contain any metal, so it will not break your skin out.

Japanese Fashion Mag

Yeaaaah! The "Sweets" Japanese fashion mag that I ordered arrived today! These mags always come with a cool free gift. This one is a animal print mini tote and matching coin purse. Will post inspiration scans soon!

Harajuku Lovers and Sanrio

Gwen hang tag for Harajuku Lovers
As I said in the last post, i'm not into handbags, but i love totes! Anything with a funky print is the type of bag that I desire. I wonder, when will I become too old to carry such bags? Must i get at least one "adult" bag in my collection? I suppose day.

Harajuku Lovers checkered  shoulder bag with cargo pockets

This bag is the perfect go-to bag. It's small, but can fit an agenda planner, snacks, and other items that are long.

Harajuku Lovers canvas tote bag
I bought this bag after it went on sale at THE historic Macy's in New York. This was my first purchase in the Big Apple during my internship. *Sigh*, I miss NY still. My husband spilled coffee on it, and i'm trying to find a way to safely clean it, so I can't show you pics of the other side of the bag.

This Hello Kitty bag is reversible! Cool, right?
I use this side for everyday usage.
While the blue version of this bag is full priced, i purchased this bag from the Sanrio store in NY, they were trying to get rid of it. I bought it for $30! 

Chococat!!! I love this tote.
I still have more bags somewhere around here...

Bags and Totes!

 I'm not a handbag person, but I do love tote bags. I own several totes that I must post this week. They are all very interesting, cute, and even a bit odd. 

I made and sell these button clutches in my shop online:
my shop. The story behind the bag: 

I was watching an episode of Law and Order, and one of the people they were interviewing had a vest covered in badge style pin on buttons. This all happened while I was eating some Skittles. After taking a trip to Michigan, and some raiding of my Grams' vintage buttons stash later...the button bag was born!

"Does anyone want these scarves?", asked my boss's assistant. "I do! I will make something with it," I replied. I took home a total of 6 scarves. They were woven plaid scarves that everyone was wearing, some still are. I decided to make shopping totes with them. I used 2 types of batting and quilted each side with a different design. No 2 bags are alike! I'm selling them on my site as well. Check them out!

Red Button Bag

I really enjoyed this project. I started this bag in Detroit while visiting my grandma. I call her Grams ^_^. I shopped through her stash while I was there, and some of the buttons were still in Sears bags with the receipts in them from 1952 and such! I used her linen stash for the collection of button bags in my shop.
I worked on this bag on the plane, and a kind man next to me was willing to purchase it on the spot! But, alas, it was not complete. It's complete now, and available to purchase.

You will not find a bag like this anywhere else. It took me almost a week to complete it. I finished the bag in New York,lol. You can find it here: 

Sale ends tomorrow!

This is a quick reminder: the sale at my etsy shop is $20-$25 off dolls and bags! What a great steal. Each item is one of a kind, and cannot be duplicated, especially the button bags. This will be my last sale ever...unless it's a going out of business sale.

Please check it out, tell your friends about it. I'm offering expedited shipping. December 11th at 11 pm, the sale will be over and then prices will be returned to normal.

Thanks in advance for the support!

Packaging Samples

I'm sure there are people who would like to know how their item will look when it arrives. This is a post about my packaging. I have posted a few samples.

For my hang tags, I didn't want to use paper. I want to take the environmentally friendly route. I have 2 types of hang tags: felt made from recycled bottles, and muslin. For the muslin ones, I used my clear rubber stamp with gold or red ink. Custom clear stamps such as these can be purchased at Scribbling Club on Etsy. I finished them off using gold elastic cording and a brass safety pin.

What type of packaging do you use?