Photo Shoot: Betty Flare & Jack Rabbit dolls

I did a photo shoot with 2 Rockin' Out dolls from my upcoming series. The characters are Betty Flare and Jack Rabbit her boyfriend. Enjoy!

"I'm so mad with you! Ahhhhhh!," screams Betty. *punches in face*

Jack Rabbit says, "I swear I didn't do it!"

Betty Flare pauses from hitting the crap out of Jack.

Betty stares at Jack and says, "Are you sure that you didn't
eat that last slice of strawberry cheesecake?"

They embrace and Jack says, "I am positive that I did not eat it".

"I forgive you Jack. I'm sorry," says Betty as she hugs Jack.

They have kissed and made up.
Betty has such a hot temper, but Jack always forgives her. By the way, Jack didn't eat Betty's cheesecake, but someone else!

To be continued...