Grand Opening!?

I guess I did this the wrong way folks. Well, I opened my store yesterday, but I did not make a post about it. So here is that missing post. The store is open, and new items will be added daily. The line that is currently up for grabs is my Rockin' Out collection! The color scheme and prints came from favorite songs of mine.
Did I mention that i'm offering free shipping to those who follow my blog? Well, I am, lol.


  1. I support you all the way! I can't wait to go to your shop to see all the new items!!

  2. Congrats on your shop! Your crafts are so cute :) Just wanted to drop by and say hi and that you have such a lovely blog! Maybe we could follow each other!

    - the runaway

  3. Thanks so much Runaway Romantique. I have viewed your blog, and....I LOVE IT! Following now to keep up with your lovely blog.