Free Gift with Purchase

I am opening my shop on Etsy today! Yeeaaa, I'm very excited about this move. This will be my second attempt to have a shop on Etsy. I am coming in with better pictures and a positive attitude. 

I have sold merchandise online from other venues, and in person. When running a business, customer service is vital and the key stone. Personally, I love receiving free extras when i make a purchase. Here is what i am offering:

For purchases over $50 before shipping, you will receive this eco-friendly shopping bag:

These bags are reversible, and make great gifts for the environmentally conscience. They are made from 100% cotton in hard to find prints. You can fold and roll it up, and store it in the drawstring bag. It will fit in your purse, car, bag, or in your office desk. Be eco-friendly, be bold.

Bag specs are as followed: Height-20 1/2" in (52.07 cm)
                                          Width-16" in (40.64 cm)
                                          Pocket: H-6 1/2"in (16.51 cm)
                                                      W-8 1/4"in (21.59 cm)
For purchases $100 and over before shipping, you will receive one of these limited edition fleece Floppy Bunnies:

These ivory fleece Floppy Bunnies are extremely soft. I hand embroidered their faces on using a chain stitch with 100% linen embroidery floss. They make a lovely last-minute gift for children, or adults that enjoy stuffies. They both have names and the one on the left is Schneien ("to snow" in German) the Snow Bunny (girl), and her friend beside her is Winter the Snow Rabbit (boy).

Schneien is 15"in (38.1 cm) in Height.
Winter is 15 1/2" (39.37 cm) in in Height.

They are available only as a promotional item for my etsy shop, and are in limited quantities.


  1. Wow, congratulations!! Those bunnies are so beyond cute :)

  2. lovely, lovely ,lovely congratulations for your shop!You are very creative person keep it up!

  3. Those are the cutest bunnies I've ever seen!!!