Bunny Gaga

Bunny Gaga is finally complete! It took me over 2 weeks to complete her, but she is now a part of the Rockin' Out series for my etsy shop.

My little sister helped me with the idea of her photo shoot. The doll was inspired by Lady Gaga, but her clothing, (and the doll design) is my original design 100%. I wanted the doll to look like the celeb, but in clothing that i designed, that she might wear in real life.

Bunny Gaga is from my brand of dolls, the Floppy Bunnies. I hope that you all enjoy the pics as much as I had a ball making her.

Floppy Bunnies from the Rockin' Out series

Gaga listening to music

Bunny Gaga's poker face. Royal Flush style

For more pictures, check out my flickr page:http://www.flickr.com/photos/53075505@N07/sets/72157625341368852/


  1. I love Bunny Gaga - what a great idea. The photo shoot is so cute too! The poker one is my fave!

  2. Thanks you Krystal, llka von Torok, and Amanda!

    Amanda, my 13 year old sister came up with the photo shoot idea, I love her so much. I'm glad that you like it. More pics will be added soon ^_^

  3. Isn't she rocking out better than the real one? hehe! I love it! Your attention to detail in...impressive!

  4. Lol, Bunny Gaga is a party animal Savoir. Thanks! i worked my hands to the bone on her