Eeeeeek! There's a mouse in my food!

Pincushions are vital items for every sewer to have. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. But, the most popular and well known pincushion is the tomato with the strawberry attached. Inside of the strawberry is emery grit (sand). It was used to sharpen pins before modern methods of sharpening pins were made. Pins are now made of stainless steel without nickel plating. Sometimes, in a box of pins, there might be a few broken or dull ones. This is where the emery filled strawberry comes in handy.

During this summer, I wanted to start a fun sewing project. My husband, Tim, brought home this cute mouse plush from his job for me. I fell in deep like with it. My grandmother had just sent me a box full of fat quarters in different colors and prints. Instead of teaching myself how to make a quilt, I decided to make something useful with them. The blue mouse plush was sitting on my table next to my sewing machine, and I thought to myself: "Why don't I make a pincushion?"

The mouse project started in New York, and followed me to Georgia! Freelance work in the design industry is slim pickings. A great friend of ours was getting married in Georgia (where I went to school and where my husband is from). After the wedding, I decided to stay in Georgia for a bit. After making the first 24 mice, they became future merchandise for my store. I recruited my little sister to help me cut them out and stuff them. Three to four months later, I had completed 81 mice! By the end of the project, I wanted to send them back to NY to invade apartments. Along with the mice, I wanted to make an emery accessory. I didn't want to fill the mice with emery. Mice like cheese, so I constructed emery filled cheese for the mice. That was also a long process. When using emery, you have to cover it several times. I still have 60 pieces of cheese to cover!

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