Date Night at Max Brenner

So the sterotype is that all women love chocolate. My husband wanted to surprise me, and take me to a place that he and a co-worker discovered near Union Square. Before we went he said,"Make sure you have your chocolate taste buds ready." Well, the sterotype is true for me. I love chocolate!!! I took more photos, but my camera battery died and the place was darkly lit.

The menus were spiral bound, and reminded me of sketch pads from my design classes. The theme was reminecent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the blond colors and the stylized font. The resturant aura was like dark chocolate, and the customers were the kids in the candy store. Tim ordered a chicken burger, and I had the original swiss and mushroom burger. They served them on wooden planks, and the waffle fries were dusted with powdered cocoa and cayenne pepper. They were awesome! The buns were house made, and had chocolate baked into the tops finished with an egg wash. There was even chocolate seasonings in the burger. The burgers were savory and well balanced. Here are a few pics from Max Brenner.

Mocha in a trademark Hug Mug

Double chocolate ice cream sandie with choco ganache sauce
served on a porcalin lined paper sheet plate

My goodies from the resturant

The top truffles are dark chocolate with blueberry filling.
The last three are honey and milk chocolate truffles

I was inspired, so I made a mocha at home! I used organic
milk chocolate that I chopped from a large chunk. Added
coffee from a French press, and whipped heavy cream.
Then I topped it off with chocolate shavings.

Check out Max Brenner's website!

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