Attack of the Bunnies!!!

Making these bunnies were extremely fun. My little sister was my intern. If there is anyone out there that has ever been an intern in the fashion industry, you know exactly what I mean (laughing).

I was in the process of doing some winter cleaning last year and had clothing that I did not wear. So, instead of throwing it out like a bum, I did a load of laundry the next day and turned my studio into a bunny factory. I was greatly inspired by crafters online, and it reminded me of my high school days. I used to turn clothing into bags, or other clothing styles, but we didn't call it upcyling.

 When I flew south for the winter, my sister and I went through my large inventory in the basement of my parent's home and went shopping for the bunnies. She helped me with picking out fabric, colors, it became a fun project. She has an excellent eye. Did I mention that I also have a large supply in Detroit, and in my closet, as well as NY? Yeah, i should stop buying new fabric and yarn...
Group shot of the ladies
Sorbet Lamb and Betty Flare
Betty trying to talk to Sorbet. Sorbet is a bit
afraid of Betty
Nathan G and his girlfriend Lizie. She's being
a bit dramatic at the moment.
Lily practicing ballet for Scott the librarian
Daniel, Betty, and Jack Rabbit hanging out
Daniel breakdancing
Word to the Kraken!

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