Bunnies are a girl's best friend

Hello all, and welcome to my blog Mienkintosh Fairie Creates.
So I have been working on my second line of bunnies. I am currently in the process of getting them protected under copyright. I was extremely happy to find out that the name that I came up for them is available, and that I will be able to use it. Yippie! Here is a sneak peek of the new bunnies:

They are waiting for their school uniforms.

They are made from clean, upcycled clothing.

Bunnies ready to rock out

It was time for me to go through my belongings and get rid of stuff. Living in a small apartment in NY teaches you dicipline; i.e. get rid of it or store it! So I had alot of clothing, and planned on chucking it instead of taking it to Goodwill. Then I remembered my bunnies. I used to sell cotton printed versions of them.

I pulled out the card table, and went to work cutting out bunny after countless bunny. The rest of the scraps I took with me and gave them to my little sister. She uses them for her doll clothing and such. All of the clothing was clean, and was ready to be thrown away. Thus, I spared the clothing in a fun way. Well, off to work on their clothing!

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